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About the site

I spend a lot of time on my computer, trying things out. I run into problems from time to time and very often, I find solutions in some kind of blog or diary on the net. I am very grateful for the work people put into this. Occasionally though, I find myself in the position to discover or develop a solution to a problem that I think others might also have. That's why I finally put a blog together. I'll try to give something back.

This also means, that this site is not on my personal life. I won't put photos or any of my music here. The topics here will be my interest in computer, my smaller software projects, my hardware projects and my academic research. It will also not be about my work and therefore everything I write here is my personal opinion and is in no way influenced by my employer.

About me

My Name is Holger Rapp. I live in München. I studied Physics at the University of Heidelberg. I did my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I founded the Lyft Germany office in Munich and now work on self driving cars there. I used to work for Google, also in the munich office. I did some TV and Radio work as a kid. I do some research. I love making music. I love programming. I do some open source. I like playing with microcontrollers. That's all you need to know.