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Move window done right

Move window to the rescue

Overlapping windows are a bad invention. Frankly, the one UI that works are virtual desktops with non overlapping windows (e.g. window managers). Given, the world becomes sane slowly with iOS leading the way: every application is full screen there.

On Mac OS X, the situation is dire: windows just open wherever they want to. I wrote a python script a while ago that can be called quickly from Quicksilver or LaunchBar which took a simple syntax to describe where you want your window and moved it there. Problem: it was rather slow. It needed to run and parse a command line tool to get number of screens and resolutions and it had to ask for the frontmost application via AppleScript.

I got fed up with that yesterday and made it fast. Getting the frontmost application and the number of screens and their resolution is now done via the Carbon Framework in a C Extension. You can find the source code on GitHub, download from there and use pip to install:


You want to call this from LaunchBar or Quicksilver, so install/make a proper AppleScript (I ship one in contrib). The tool takes the following syntax:

move_window <screen_id><nr of x parts><x span><nr of y parts><y span>

Some examples

move_window 0     # Disp 0, full Screen
move_window 02    # Disp 0, left half of screen
move_window 030   # Disp 0, left third of screen
move_window 031-2 # Disp 0, rightmost two thirds of screen
move_window 12121 # Disp 1, bottom right quarter of screen

Feedback and pull request are very welcome!

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