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Blogging tryout

Let's get this started

Well, after a long time of being a computer geek, I finally decided to start a blog. The reasons for this and everything you need to know about me can be found in the about section of this page.

The engine of this page is using django. I decided to use a web framework since I never ever wanted to write pure HTML again after I left school. Django is written in my favorite language python and therefore allows me fast expansion of functionality. Occasionally, I might write some clues for working with it on this very site.

There is still a lot missing on this site. No comments, no search, no tagcloud. I might add some of this stuff, but the site is now in a state where it can help me to dump my brain. I will invest more time into it, if it shows that I really use it.

Alright, the basics are done, the engine is ready. Let's see where this blogging stuff leads us...

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